Your Support of The Lutheran Academy is critical!  Thank you so much!
Every year of our existence is a testament to God's grace and providence.
Every year now for 11 years The Lord has provided what we have needed to finish each year.
We thank all of our amazing supporters who have helped us in the past.
And we thank you now if you can please help us get through THIS year and build for the future!
For the 2017-18 Academic Year the Academy scholarship goal is:


ALL fundraising and donations will be directed toward our Scholarship Fund.
The Scholarship Fund will make it possible to provide scholarships to our families who are not able to finance the full $3500 tuition.


You can make a one time donation, or you can set up regular automatic donations as you are able to!
All donations over $50 will be receipted for tax purposes.

If you would like to make a substantial scholarship donation of more than $1000 and would like to "adopt" a student, please let us know!
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