About our Curriculum

At the Lutheran Academy we are free of government sanctioned tests and Common Core requirements.  
In their place are heavy emphasis on Grammar, Math, Reading, and of course Music (see School of Fine Arts).

Education at the Lutheran Academy, A Classical Christian Approach:

  • Devotions begin each day that supports a Christ Centered Curriculum (this means the beginning and ending of all wisdom is in Christ our Lord)
  • Latin Instruction begins in Grade 3
  • Spelling & Grammar through Grade 8
  • Cursive Writing Instruction in Grade 3
  • Studies in the Literary Classics
  • Instruction in Science, Geography and Social Sciences
  • Bible, Church History, and Theology
  • Logic studies in Grade 8
  • Extensive Writing assignments and competitions.
  • Strong Math Instruction with Algebra in Grade 8
  • Extensive Bible Memory Assignments every week.
  • Frequent Field Trips and Concerts
  • Qualified Art Instruction
  • Music Theory, Voice and Instrumental Instruction
  • Regular leadership opportunities
  • Orchestra, Chime and Voice Choirs
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