A ministry of Peace Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Academy is owned and operated by Peace Lutheran Church in Scranton.  It was started in the fall of 2007 and was originally housed at our sister church Immanuel Lutheran Church.  In 2015 the former Trinity Baptist Church in the Greenridge community was purchased, and The Lutheran Academy moved into its new facility!  It has been growing ever since and desires to make a powerful difference for the Kingdom of God.

Grades 1-8
Christ Centered
Serving all members of the Community

Classical Christian Education: Wisdom, Eloquence, Virtue...

"Wisdom, eloquence, and virtue— these are the goals, i.e., the fruit, that a classical education cultivates within its students. The ancients knew that education should be about more than “basic skills” and mere competency. A good education transformed, elevated, and refined the mind and the soul. For thousands of years, the classical arts of learning were the standard for education. These arts were timeless and proven because they focused on the timeless and proven. The Good, the True, and the Beautiful were the objects of this sort of education. Eloquent confessors and wise leaders were its results. Our communities badly need just these sorts of men and women. In an endless pursuit of the latest educational dogma, most of our schools no longer have the capacity to judge what is Good, True, and Beautiful - much less teach it. In forsaking the soul for the mind, they have forgotten how to educate both." (taken from www.ccle.org) 
It goes without saying that the Lutheran Academy will be teaching that the ultimate Good, True, and Beauty is centered in the true nature of God.   Classical Education is centered on the three verbal arts of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric (the Trivium). The Classical Educational model is based on the assumption that a community that fails to master the arts of the trivium cannot be truly free. For example, he who is not the master of the art of logic is a victim of manipulators, both external (in society) and internal (in the soul), while he who is not a master of the art of rhetoric will be unable to express his thoughts appropriately. The Lutheran Academy is, in a small but important way, a beautiful affirmation that Christians can live "in the world, but not be of it." Beautiful is none other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Classical Christian Schools are currently sweeping across America and setting up a return to excellence in teaching, curriculum, and expectations - with the goal of facilitating the love of God and the Christian world view in our children. Can you settle for anything less for your child?
Affordable Tuition:  $3500/yr.
A Christian Education, as with most important things in life, does have a cost. 

Full Tuition for our 2017-18 Academic Year is $3500. Most families choose to be billed monthly over 10 months. Although most families receive significant scholarships, every family must pay a tuition.  We are committed to making it possible for every family who cares about a Christian education to send their child to the Academy - no matter their financial ability.

You might say: “How can I afford a tuition bill?”  Pray for wisdom and courage to make the choices necessary for your family budget. 
Ask for support from Godparents, Grandparents and other important contributors to your child’s life. $25?/Mo? $50/Mo? Everything helps!  Trust God that HE will provide.

Please note that for all incoming students the Academy guarantees the tuition will not go up for the family for three years (After the three years tuition will jump to the current price if it has gone up.)
"This school is such a treasure to this area. We especially love how close-knit the group of students and teachers are. The music program is exceptional, the curriculum is excellent, and the teachers are absolutely wonderful, helpful, caring people." - Kate Hughes, parent
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